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We welcome feedback on the accuracy and effectiveness of our documents. If you find something that seems inaccurate or is questionable, please identify the page number with that information and explain your concerns or observations.

Notice: This form is for reporting errors or providing comments about a technical document. If you are seeking support or asking a question, please use one of the links below. Using this form for support or asking questions will delay getting a response to you.

  • KnowledgeBase - TI Support site to easily find information on products, tools & software, and reference designs, along with access to myTI & TI store.
  • Semiconductor Technical Support. TI Semiconductor Product Information Center (PIC) form to submit questions about products and applications.
  • TI E2ETM Technical forums - TI engineer-to-engineer (E2E) community forums for asking questions, sharing knowledge, exploring ideas, and solving problems.

  • Error Reporting & Document Feedback Form

    Literature Number
      Literature number (for example, "SBAS231B") is in the header of a data sheet and in the footer of other documents.
    Part Number
      Part numbers are in the header of a data sheet and in the title of other documents. For example, TMP175, DRV8301, CC1312R, TMS320F28055, TMS320x2805x, and so forth.
      SYSCLK2 not the correct clock source for HRCAP module.
      Add pullup (PU) status for GPIO pin descriptions.
      SCI module is missing from functional block diagram.
    Page Number(s)
    Detailed Description Note: For multiple part numbers or global changes, add additional information here.
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